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Learn from the “Master Mentor” himself, KEVIN HALL

Mentoring is something Kevin takes seriously and this shows in the results he gets. From his pro-education clothing line to his prolific speaking, Kevin has been helping to transform the lives of thousands of troubled and lost youth through his important work.

Now, you can quickly learn the tips and techniques to get into mentoring and get results by gaining insight from the methods it took Kevin years to achieve. Kevin’s past service in the military and his current work with at-risk youth, all of this has helped him learn how to become a community leader and a master mentor.

You can gain all of this valuable insight by only investing a fraction of the initial effort; simply by reading this book.


So What Exactly Can You Gain From This Book?

  • Find out how you can become that positive force so many young people today need in their lives
  • Discover how to learn from the mistakes of other mentors and quickly become the best
  • Avoid seeing those mentees of yours continue to struggle with pain or punishment
  • Grow to become a role model and ideal mentor
  • Quickly rise to the role of a strong community leader
  • See the results and change you need in your own life and earn the rewards only mentoring can bring you

The best news is that Kevin Hall’s approach in “Mentor or Die” is nothing short of a simple to understand and easy to follow step-by-step guide. If you empower yourself by getting the book you are sure to gain the results you desire by simple sticking with the “Mentor or Die” program.

You Will Learn Valuable Lessons Such As:

  • What exactly mentoring is
  • Street and book smarts for yourself, and your mentees
  • Obstacles that could hold you back so you can overcome them
  • How to discover your ultimate self-confidence to become the “true self” mentor you are meant to be
  • How motivation and discipline work wonders for your path
  • How to be strong, nurturing, wise and develop the skills needed to be a mentor and a leader

You’ll also learn important tools and tricks for dealing with things like debt, money, family time and the power of God to help reach your goals.

You can also feel good about making the book yours because a percentage of the sales all goes towards helping mentees who have shown exceptional growth in their own mentorship programs throughout the U.S. It’s a program that keeps on giving and now you can be a part of the mentoring revolution.

Be the change in your community and, as a result, part of the change worldwide.

P.S. Even if you have not yet felt the calling to mentor, there’s a reason this book has found you. Don’t turn your back on your destiny when so many troubled young people desperately need your help.

P.S. S. Get started mentoring to improve your own life, the life of those you mentor and even the people your mentees eventually reach out to. Get started before another young lost soul misses their own opportunity for a better life, and take that first big step by putting “Mentor or Die” in your hands today.

Impact the influential lives of youth, help train mentees to follow the same path and watch how your hard work can help transform a life or even an entire community.

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The Book
Learn the techniques you
need to get into  mentoring from the expert Kevin Hall himself. Help change your community and your own life through mentoring.


The Mentor
Kevin Hall is a military veteran whose passion for working with youth has led to his  pro-education clothing company as well as mentoring youth as the ultimate way to create change and celebrate life.